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Universal Stair

Complete access between building and scaffolding

UNIVERSAL STAIR is an all-aluminium solution for temporary access between levels in scaffolds or construction sites and for building stair towers in traditional scaffolding, available in 5 lengths.

The staircase units fold flat for transport, are easily assembled and automatically adjust to a wide range of lift heights.

  • Models to suit any level difference from 0.5m to 3.8m, with or without integral guardrails
  • Can be used on tube and fitting, system scaffold, false work, on roofs, between building floors or on embankments
  • Light weight and quick to erect
  • Interchangeable top brackets for scaffold tubes, as well as floor slabs and timber joists 
  • Perfect for access to upper floors in new builds, requires no scaffolding
  • Can be used on slopes, inclines and pitched roofs
  • Steel reinforced feet with carrying handle
  • Automatic lift height adjustment
  • Sturdy locking device
  • Compliant to EN 12811


 Part No.  Description  No. of
 22110001   Model 1, body only  3   11.9
 22110002  Model 2, body only  6  19.7
 22110003  Model 3, body only  9  29.8
 22110004  Model 4, body only  12  39.2
 22110005  Model 5, body only  15  47.0
 22100002  Model 2, complete with guardrails  6  29.7
 22100003  Model 3, complete with guardrails  9  42.0
 22100004  Model 4, complete with guardrails  12  59.2
 22100005  Model 5, complete with guardrails  15  69.0



 Part No.  Description  Weight
 22120001  Guardrail, Short   5.0
 22120002  Guardrail, Long  6.1
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