A tailored service package To suit your needs

Buying, hiring & using the right kit is only part of the safety story.

It’s vital that equipment is tested, serviced, maintained, repaired, certified, re-certified and tested again. That’s because the only acceptable standard is 100% reliability. Almost every piece of equipment we supply has an established useful life, together with a published maintenance and inspection schedule. These guidelines are important for continued safety, and may have an implication for legislation, warranty and insurance. We’ll be delighted to track and manage this for you.

Servicing guidelines

Each item of fall protection equipment must be serviced annually by trained personnel in conformance with E.N. 365:2004. However, where equipment is deployed offshore in a harsh environment such as the North Sea, we would strongly recommend that service is carried out on a six-monthly basis.

Our factory-trained and certified service engineers are experienced in all makes and types of fall arrest equipment. Our Service Department can offer you:

• 24-hour turnaround
• Service exchange equipment
• Fixed-price servicing agreements
• Same-day written quotes
• Full certification

At STOPSAVE, our approach is to create a tailored service package which will suit your needs precisely.

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Fast fact

In UK in 2011/2012 25% of falls from height were fatal. More than 6 out of 10 of these falls occurred in Construction.

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