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Why Inertia Reels Require Regular Service

Regular servicing

Under EN360, Inertia reels require to be inspected and serviced every twelve months. However, in harsh offshore environments, equipment may be stored and used in challenging conditions which call for a six-monthly inspection and service regime, which we are happy to provide.

Salt contamination

As can be seen from the picture below, the internal workings of the block have been contaminated by salt water, causing rusting on the pawls. The wire rope can become drenched with salt water which is then fed back into the unit, spraying on the brake discs, pawls and other elements.


Oil and grease contamination

As can be seen from the units below, a mixture of oil and grease has built up inside the units, due to either the wire rope picking up the oil and grease or the unit being submerged while in use. Again this will have an impact on the internal components of the unit.


Correct use of equipment

It is essential that inertia reels are used in the correct manner and that attention is paid to anchorage points and the angle at which the user is working. The image below shows the wear that can occur when the block is used at the incorrect angle. This type of wear can cause damage to the casing of the unit as well as to the wire.




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Fast fact

All height safety equipment is inspected and certified before leaving our premises to ensure customers can rely on its maximum working life.

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