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Fall Arrest Lofts

As part of the STOPSAVE complete ‘Working at Height’ package, we supply many of our customers with customised Fall Arrest  lofts.

The contents of the Fall Arrest  lofts are tailored to our customers' ‘RISK ASSESSMENT’ requirements. All our customers are supplied with a customised ‘RESCUE KIT’ which includes a recoverable inertia reel. To ensure your
safety at all times we have developed a test facility within the loft for testing the winch mechanism on the recoverable inertia reel.

The Fall Arrests loft offers safe and dry storage, ensuring the fall protection equipment is stored correctly and complies fully with the Personal Protective Equipment directive for the safe storage of PPE.

The contents of the Fall Arrest Loft will include: 

Recoverable Inertia Reels 10mtr Inertia reels 3mtr Inertia Reel
MI65 Falcon Black Rhino
Webbing Inertia Reel  Connecting Strops Stopsave FBH
Minilite RGL4 Stopsave FBH
Specialist Riggers Harness Girder Loops  Webbing Anchorages
    Webbing Anchorage
Scaffold Hooks Small Connectors  Rescue Kit
Scaffold Hook Karabiner Rescue Kit


The quantity of equipment will vary depending on whether it is a 10, 20 or 30 man container and there may be variations on equipment manufacturers. 

Fast fact

We have over 5000 height safety products in operation - all being tracked to ensure their service record is up to date and they are safe to use.

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