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Stopsave Rescue Kit
Price: £850.00 each

Stopsave Rescue Kit

Manufacturer: *Stopsave

Stopsave have developed a unique Rescue System that offers multiple rescue scenarios, allowing the person to be raised or lowevered to safety, most rescue systems only allow a person to be lowered.  This piece of kit is extremely user friendly with minimal training required, allowing someone to be rescued very quickly.  

The Stopsave system allows the person to be rescued even if they are unconcious/injured without sending someone else down to assist them. To view the rescue kit in operation please go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h83oXJ_U2lQ

The kit comprises:  MI65 Recoverable Inertia Reel, Stopave Rope Grab, Pulley, Scaffold Hooks and Karabiner.

MI65Stopsave Robegrap   Rope Grab

Fast fact

We have over 5000 height safety products in operation - all being tracked to ensure their service record is up to date and they are safe to use.

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