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AVAO Full Body Harness
Price: £220.00 each

AVAO Full Body Harness

Manufacturer: Petzl

Comfortable Fall Arrest and work positioning harness. 

The X shaped dorsal construction wraps to reduce pressure points during prolonged suspension.  Wide, semi rigid waistbelt and leg loops for excellent support.  Foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing.  When the waistbelt is weighted, they help distribute the load over the shoulders.  Waistbelt and shoulder straps equipped with self-locking Double-back buckles for quick and easy adjustment. 

A Ventral attachment point that distributes the load between the waistbelt and the leg loops during suspended work. 

Two lateral attachment points transfer the load to the waistbelt for comfort when working with feet supported.  They can be flipped back against the waistbelt when snagging is an issue. 

Sternal and dorsal attachment points for conecting a fall arrest system.  In case of a fall on the dorsal attachemnt point, the weight is taken up on the leg loops, allowing the user to remain suspended longer while waiting for rescue. 

Rear attachment point on the waistbelt for connecting a restraint lanyard

Five pre shaped equipment loops with protective sheaths.

Available in 2 versions: 

AVAO BOD (C71AAA): leg loops equipped with self-locking Doubleback buckles. 

AVAO BOD FAST (C71AFA): leg loops equipped with FAST automatic buckles for quick and easy opening and closing without the need to readjust them, even when wearing gloves.

Fast fact

All height safety equipment is inspected and certified before leaving our premises to ensure customers can rely on its maximum working life.

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