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Warburtons fined £2million after potentially fatal fall

An investigation was carried out by HSE after a Warburton's employee fell under 2 metres, whilst carrying out a routine cleaning duty, he suffered a spinal compression fracture.  Inspectors found inadequate supervision and training and for failing to control the fall from height risk.  The firm was fined £2 million plus £19,609 in costs after admitting to breaching Reg 6(3) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005.  This requires employees to take 'suitable and suffiecient measures to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any person falling a distance leable to cause personal injury'. 

This case highlights that a fall from any height can lead to life altering injuries, many Companies are dliligent when carrying out risk assessments for working at height, but do not consider 2 metres to be 'working at height'.  It is essential when carrying out risk assessments for all work/processes that falls from height are considered.   Where possible it should be avoided, however if that is not possible measures need to be put in place to prevent or limit the risk of a fall.