The hire option for height safety equipment
Competitive rates and no service charges

Stopsave's cost-effective hire options for height safety equipment 

As an alternative to purchase, Stopsave offers a comprehensive range of height safety equipment at very competitive daily rates for short- and long-term hire.

With over 6,000 products, Stopsave has the largest hire fleet of height safety equipment in the UK, and gives clients a cost-effective route to acquiring high-quality height safety products.

Products within the hire fleet include:

Stopsave includes many leading height safety equipment manufacturers’ products within our hire fleet, including Honeywell/Miller, Ridgegear, Checkmate, Tractel and the Combisafe product range. Contact our helpful team for advice on which make and model best meets your specific needs.

Products like fall arrest blocks can cost up to £1500 to purchase, so hiring such equipment from Stopsave at competitive rates significantly reduces your cash outlay.

In addition, there are no service charges with our hire option. Under E.N. 365:2004, all fall arrest equipment must be serviced at least every twelve months. In practice, many offshore clients prefer six-month servicing for equipment exposed to this harsh environment. Although we charge for servicing purchased products, hire equipment is simply returned to us when the service is due and replaced with a newly-serviced equivalent.

Stopsave will be happy to work with you to evaluate whether the purchase or hire option is better for you.


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