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We offer a comprehensive range of equipment at very competitive daily rates for short and long term hire.

Stopsave has the largest Hire Fleet of Height Safety Equipment in the UK. Now consisting of over 4,000 items and growing rapidly, hiring of products is often the best choice.

Products within the Hire fleet include:

We provide a very wide range of products within our hire fleet including Honeywell/Miller, Ridgegear, Checkmate, Tractel, Sala and the Combisafe product range. For advise on which make and model would meet your need please contact us directly.

There are a number of advantages in choosing the hire option rather than a direct purchase. The most obvious one is that it reduces clients’ capital costs dramatically. Fall arrest blocks can cost anywhere between £200 and £1,500. As such when buying in any kind of bulk this is a major outlay. We offer a very competitive hire cost on our products, which will significantly reduce the cash outlay.

In addition there are no service charges with the Hire option. Under E.N. 365:2004 all fall arrest equipment must be serviced at least every twelve months. In the harsh offshore environment we find that, for safety reasons, clients often prefer to have the equipment serviced every six months. If the equipment has been purchased there will be a charge for this service. However if the product is on hire it is simply returned to Stopsave when the service is due and we replace the item with a newly serviced equivalent.

Stopsave will be happy to work with you to evaluate whether purchase or hire option is the right one for you.

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Fast fact

We have over 5000 products in operation - all being tracked to ensure their service record is up to date and the product is safe.

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